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Escalating Crisis in Central African Republic
UNICEF USA President & CEO Caryl Stern recently traveled to Central African Republic to observe UNICEF’s programs in the conflict-stricken nation.

Joined by a crew from NBC’s TODAY Show, Caryl helped to shine a light on the immense needs of children in a country where two in three – a total of 1.5 million – are at severe risk of dying from malnutrition and disease.

NBC News segment: "This is the most dangerous place in the world for children."
Saving severely malnourished children in Central African Republic.

Dear %%FIRST NAME%%,

Shortly after returning home from Central African Republic, I traveled to visit another unfolding crisis – this one much closer to home.
“I saw hope in the eyes of so many children."
In Tijuana and San Diego, I met with children and families who had made long and treacherous journeys through Central America and Mexico in search of a safer, brighter future. Many were terrified; nearly all were exhausted. But they were inspiringly hopeful – singing along with UNICEF staff at shelters and playing games designed by UNICEF to help them make sense of the process ahead.
UNICEF USA is standing up for the rights of migrant children, and I encourage you to join us. Text “UPROOTED” to 52886 to urge Congress to put children first in migration policy.
Thank you for all that you do for children.

Caryl M. Stern
President & CEO
Delivering Sustainable, Equitable Water in Guinea
Clean water saves lives. But access can be difficult for those living in small, remote villages. Humanitarian Circle member Andy Astrachan and the AJA Charitable Foundation partnered with UNICEF to pilot a manual drilling solution in Guinea that delivered safe water to 83,000 people across 122 rural communities. 

The pilot was so successful that the partnership launched a second phase with the goal of reaching an additional 210,000 people with clean water.

“When the water first came out of the spout, the joy on the faces of the kids – that’s probably the most powerful thing I’ve ever seen.”
Empowering Women and Girls
UNICEF Ambassador Halima Aden joined CBS This Morning on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2019, to encourage viewers to join UNICEF in advocating for the rights of young girls and women.

UNICEF prioritizes empowering women and girls. Educating girls strengthens economies, improves public health, makes countries less likely to fall into conflict, and even slows climate change.

"We need to continue supporting organizations like UNICEF that do whatever it takes to put children first."
Elle: Tales of remarkable young girls around the world.  

Invest in future generations — remember UNICEF in your will or living trust.
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Rukban, Syria: Children sitting atop family hygiene kits. UNICEF and partners recently delivered lifesaving supplies to 40,000 people living in the remote camp near the Jordan border. Learn more. 

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